Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mince Pie Madness

When it comes to Christmas, Mince pies really do sell like hot cakes! Whether your perfect pie be all butter luxury, vegan, bite size or gluten free we cater for all. Our award winning brandy-rich mincemeat (Silver Taste of the West 2004) keeps the pie moist and tender and whether the pastry be Gluten free, Vegan or All butter it is always melt in the mouth. 

In December 2009 our pies were voted as one of the top 10 best mince pies according to the Independent - 
'More of a pudding than a pie, we recommend trying these warm with lashings of cream or brandy butter. They're large, and utterly rammed with chewy, gooey, dried fruit. ' 

Other reviews include Chez Maxima- ' mince pies are an absolute delight to look at. They are very tasty, with a perfect ratio of the light crumbly buttery shortcrust pastry to the mincemeat, and they are organic, which is an added bonus.'

Goodness Direct Blog- 'They've been making waves in the festive food market for a few years now and their vegan mince pies are rated as some of the best you can buy.'

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